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Alpinweiss is a young and innovative IT company. Our expertise lays in software development, testing, services in high technology products and building hardware infrastructure including network and system administration and configuration. We believe that business must have a solid infrastructure which will allow their users to measure, predict and improve their day to day tasks using high technologies.
To achieve that goals we have highly skilled team working for a years with such technologies as Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, C#, Objective C, Swift, Windows / Linux administration and network configuration. Our professionals are certified by international IT companies such as Oracle, Microsoft and Cisco.


Alpinweiss develops full stack IT services including software development and hardware setup & configuration, which will allow reduce business risks. Best software is software which do it's tasks fast and predictable for user way using all hardware capabilities. We create applications which perfectly fits client needs, fast, secure and robust. We are happy to buld best IT solutions for your business.


High level services and scalable, robust, fast software are the result of hard work of a professional team and using professionally configured hardware and network. Successful business is the result of attention to details, attention to client needs and work specifics.


We believe company's human resources must focus on business critical tasks. Let computers do routine work instead users. We create software and configure hardware to simplify company's life, that allows free human resources for more intelligent tasks.

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 Enterprise Development

We provide Enterprise application and service development. Alpinweiss developers worked for a years in banking and reinsurance. Our applications will do your business to be more efficient, more effective and more adaptable for changes in today's diversified business world, where globalization and consumerization changes the rules of game. That is exactly what our services and applications aim to achieve.

 Mobile Development

  • Android
  • Apple iPhone
  • Windows Phone

We are developing speedy mobile applications which gives instant access to information. Today fast access to data can give competitive advantage for a business. High quality services includes also mobile applications for consumers.

 Web Development

Today Web is excellent channel for exchanging information and for promotion your business or product. The company website, shop or blog gives information about provided product or service, allows to trade and receive feedback from consumers in easy way.

 Network Support / Configuration

We configure the all types of network, started from small business and finished to Big Enterprise network. Our expertise lies in in design, configuration and maintenance different types of network.
We have big experience with this technology like L3: OSPF, EIGRP, MPLS, VPN, BGP or L2 QinQ, HSRP, RSTP, MSTP, ERP network support. We are capable of setting up routers, firewalls, VPNs, switches, and load balancing devices from different manufacturers. In addition to device and server configuration, we provide such service as network maintenance. While dealing with issues in this field, we had to use such data transmission services as UTP 5e, coaxial tail, E1 cable, optical fiber, as well as certain technologies of data transmission, e.g. Ethernet, Frame Relay, ATM, VoIP, CDN, VDSL, TDM.
Our clients were Latvian and European ISP, the IT-outsourcing companies, Banks. We can provide individual solution exactly for your company or just help you set up devices local in your office.

 Server Configuration / Support

Our company provides configuration and support different services on different OS Servers. We can provide solution based on Unix / Linux OS for your company or just support existing one. In addition we can provide Windows solutions based on Windows Server 2008 / 2012 for all existing services.


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